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Questions from teachers

How do I sign up and setup my students?

This video will guide you through the purchasing, setup and using the ebook library from TPRS Books.

This video will guide both the teacher and the student through the setup and registration process for your class, as well as how to search for a book and some of the features of the books. Click the time stamp to get you to where you want to go much quicker.

Purchase the library :20
Setup you class and invite students 3:15

Registering for an account 4:11
Using the Ebook Library to read a book 5:15

How do I log in?
How do I find books at my level?
How do I add/remove students?
How often can I reassign a classroom seat?
You are able to add and remove students as you see fit. If you purchase 50 seats you can use them one semester and then for the next semester you can clear them all and reassign them.
What if I need more than 200 seats?
We would love to accommodate larger classroom or district needs. Please visit our district page or contact us at any of the channels listed here. 888-373-1920, 888-729-8777 (fax), info@tprsbooks.com

Students: Having trouble?

I am having trouble accessing the books! Help! OR How to login correctly!
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